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The Inaugural Tristan Morrissette-Perkins 06
Hockey Tournament

January 2018


Wow!  What a great weekend. As John Meagher of the Gazette said, it was a perfect 06.  I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and participation.  Tristan was blessed to have so many great friends.

Boys, it was a pleasure to watch all of you come together for your good friend Tristan and produce so many great games with so much positive energy.  It was entertaining, emotional, humorous, nerve-racking, and really good hockey all at the same time.  When I saw how exhausting the tournament was for the players I couldn’t help but think that this is the type of event in which Tristan would thrive. 

Most importantly, all of you recognized the significance of what this event meant to the Morrissette Perkins family and the extended community in which Tristan so loved to be a part of.

All of the players reiterated that they can’t wait to do this again next year.  I’m going to hold you to that promise.  Some even made early new year’s resolutions by promising their teammates they would get in better shape.  Invitations will go out much earlier so we can all manage our schedules around the event and start our cardio programs.   


While the final numbers are not yet completed, we have already generated a net profit in the neighbourhood of $3,400.  For those of you that were unable to participate due to other commitments but would still like to support the fund, please click here. 

Special thanks to Susan Grand of the Pearson Education Foundation who showed up on Day 1 to help with the paperwork for the tax deductible donations at the front desk.  She will continue to help with the collecting and allocating of the profits to a worthy cause within the Lester B Pearson School Board and John Rennie High School all in Tristan’s name.


No event like this can operate without the cooperation of volunteers.  We had more volunteers than we could find work for as it seemed everyone wanted to help  To all of you that helped make the event run smoothly, we thank you for:

  • player check-in

  • collecting donations

  • contributing raffle prizes

  • selling raffle, target shooting, and puck toss tickets

  • supplying chocolate milk and making grilled cheese sandwiches

  • Timekeeping and officiating

  • Playing music



What began as an article written in the West Island Gazette 9 days before the tournament, began picking up momentum with other medias.  The event was covered by CBC Radio, CBC Television and Global Television with many participants sharing their thoughts.  


Richard Martineau went on the ice with his GoPro Camera and provided some up close action.  Nicely edited and with both music and hockey sounds, the 2 videos are instant classics.  Please click on the links to watch with friends and families.



All of the above would not have been possible without the support of the City of Dorval and Hockey West Island.  Ice time, on-ice officials and the hospitality room was generously donated by them allowing the event to be as successful as possible. HWI's secretive ice scheduler even provided ice time options while away on vacation. The President refereed for 6 hours. Great involvement.


We look forward to running this event again next year.  Already there are suggestions to expand the size including adding a parent division and/or a ringette division.  I love it when a community comes together for a great cause.

On behalf of the organizing committee and the countless volunteers, thank you so much.  It was truly appreciated.

Larry Sherrard

PS.  We welcome any feedback or suggestions to improve on the inaugural tournament.  You can also send in friends' names who are interested for next tournament. 

PSS.  We have had several requests for TMP 06 apparel.  If anyone is interested in purchasing either of these items, simply email me.  Hoodies are $35 and blanket is $20. 

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From the Tournament


Comedy Benefit Show 

Spectacle-bénéfice d'humour 


The PEF Board of Directors thanks the amazing people who came to the Comedy Show fundraiser for PEF. Thank you to the comedians Chris Venditto, Reese Turner, Rachel Gendron, Jon Malanos - all unique and delightfully twisted in your own ways, and especially DEREK SEGUIN who brought down the house. Thank you Reese & Katelynd for arranging everything so expertly. Thanks to Patrick of Auvitec, perfect lighting and sound as always, we never have to worry about that. Doug the caretaker. The Lester B. Pearson School Board that helps us in a thousand ways, Akilah Newton of Overture With the Arts, who stepped in to help out big time, the friends & family members who allowed themselves to be volunteered to help run the "bar", and our wonderful sponsors who will all be listed with much appreciation in our web site home page. Wishing all the very best to you until the next Comedy Show!