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Pearson Educational Foundation
Fondation Pearson pour l'éducation


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The Purple Hockey Tape Sale! 

PEF is selling the rest of the stock – Perfect for Movember.

Special discounts on complete cases of 45 rolls, or buy single rolls for only $1 each.

Help our kids and save money, too!

Call Sue at 514-422-3000 loc 37000 or pef@lbpsb.qc.ca


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Through a commitment to public education and the promotion of learning for all, the Foundation believes in enhancing the opportunity for all students to become life-long learners, self assured, respectful and responsible to their community.
Recognizing that government funding of public education is finite, the Foundation supports students and furthers this goal by supplying seed money to a broad array of projects generated by the teachers and administrators of the LBP community.
Aware that education is the single most important pathway to overcoming generational poverty, PEF supports success and perseverance in school for economically disadvantaged students by addressing both the physical, through clothing and nutrition, and the emotional/intellectual through a variety of innovative programs.
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Thank you to Walmart for giving so many snowsuits to PEF for our students in need.



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